About Kanatal? History, Food, Activity & Visitng Places

Would you like to explore the unexplored? Then how about planning a visit to an untamed and undefined destination yet waiting to be discovered further – Kanatal. This small hamlet near the popular hill station of Mussoorie and Dhanaulti lies calm and peaceful while offering the visitor more than just a weekend getaway or vacation. To know how, a visit to this region of Uttarakhand is a must. Feel the crispiness of the invigorating winds as they mingle beautifully with the golden hues of the sunny skies creating an artistic scenic setting that simple lure your senses. If you have not visited Kanatal yet, the marvellous evening sunsets, the lush green forests and the invincible tranquillity spelling out in each and every corner of this exotic destination await you! The  kaleidoscopic panorama of Kanatal, glorified by the rich deodar forests and the lovely pines, sprawling fruit orchards and  more of nature’s perfection, can be admired and viewed the whole year through in the beautiful Kanatal region during all seasons.   

Kanatal – an all purpose destination

Kanatal is a destination that will take you far away from the maddening crowd and the hustle and bustle of city life.  A visit to this tiny hamlet offers you the simple pleasures of life, some enjoyable moments, emotional rebalancing and rebonding with nature. The spot is an ideal getaway for families too and corporates looking forward to provide meaningful breaks to their employees from their routine work life.  

History of Kanatal

You may find Kanatal to be having an interesting history which dates back to some decades when a small lake also known as “taal” or pond had dried up and hence the dried up lake came to be named by the people as “kaana taal”. The area nearby thus was known as  Kanatal. The word “kaana” is usually used by Indians which in Hindi means dry well or pond.

Food, shopping and sightseeing at Kanatal

The local dhabas and shops are seen serving some appetising bread pakoras and chai to visitors. Situated at a distance of 13 km downhill is the lively town of Chamba that caters to the daily needs.Around 22 kms ahead is the popular Tehri Dam. There are a few awesome trekking trails as well for the adventure lovers to enjoy.

Other activities to do in Kanatal

Have you seen time standing still? Kanatal being a spot so serene and laid back is where you will  find it! Kanatal is also a great place for temple visits, picnics and camping. Camping in Kanatal is one such activity that you should not miss! There are several standard, premium and luxury campsites in this region depending on your choice and preferences, offering you the perfect weekend or holiday getaway with your family and friends.  

So make sure not to miss a great holiday break in Kanatal so that you can get back to your routine work life re-energised and refreshed all along!   Start planning now for a great journey ahead.

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