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Experience nature along-with the charm of the Himalayan mountains at their best. Camping in Dhanaulti invites you this season to come and enjoy the nature and its beauty in reality and not in just movies! This is a great chance for you to get into the world of tranquility and adventure – not to be missed.


Tourists often flock to camping trips when they feel bored and tired of their hectic day-to-day routine city life or when they feel geared up for some adventure. Be it biking, rock-climbing or any other outdoor adventure, camping is a great way to let your favourite hobby turn into passion for a few days of fun, excitement and enjoyment without any workload to disturb you. The surprising aspect is that camping in Dhanaulti actually can help you lead a healthier life! Here’s how:

-Getting your dose of fresh oxygen

Spending more time in the proximity of greenery means the greater opportunity for you to inhale more pure oxygen. Thus you will feel lesser strain in your body. As per research, spending time outdoors can lead to improving of blood pressure, better digestion and boosting of the immune system.

-Greater Socialising

Friends add colour and variety to our lives.Though camping in isolation may be a good idea, you could still have a great time along with friends or family and such unique get together sessions could help in maintaining healthy and happy relationships. As per research reports published under the American Journal of Public Health, socializing is said to extend your span of life while also delaying problems related to memory. So don’t forget to invite some of your besties when it comes to your next vacation trip to Dhanaulti Camps.

-Getting the “Feel-good” factor

Feel on top of the world after a great camping trip at Dhanaulti. When you spend time outdoors in the sun, the melatonin levels in your brain get balanced. This is a chemical that is responsible for inducing depression and tired feelings. Thus camping helps counteract this and will give you the ‘feel-good’ factor both during and after the trip.

-Reduced levels of stress

Camping is a great stress buster. When you are involved in any activity that interests you, then feelings of anger, annoyance, frustration etc. automatically disappear. Besides, the higher levels of oxygen while camping, also reduce levels of stress. So when you are looking for some stress buster, camping in Dhanaulti is a good option.

-Increased physical exercising

One of the most obvious positive outcomes of camping is getting the opportunity to perform more physical activities. You actually get to burn more calories while camping as compared to sitting in the office or your home during weekends!

-Getting plenty of sunshine

The sun is a great source of vitamin D which lets the body take in the necessary calcium and phosphorus . A camping trip is a good excuse to get that sunshine in abundance and make you feel great as the sun’s rays fall on your skin.

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