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      Adventure camps in dhanaulti

      join and experience truly unforgettable camping in dhanaulti

      If History has always been your passion, do not miss the  Deogarh fort here. Built quite some centuries back, it still stands sturdy as one of the tourist attractions in Dhanaulti. Again for the exclusive adventurer and adventure lover in you,  Thangdhar – the most action-packed setting of this site , is ideal for you. All the outdoor activities that you have wanted to experience and enjoy , await you here at Thangdhar – a spot that gives you the opportunity to take advantage of rock climbing, trekking, river crossing, or simply taking a breather amidst the lap of nature encircled by wholesomeness. Best camps in dhanaulti, all our resorts in Dhanaulti are equipped with all the amenties and facilities to make their visitors feel comfortable and special. The pleasant weather of Dhanaulti ensures a pleasant stay here throughout your trip.

      Rejuvenate your senses via the adjacent towering mountain peaks in the surrounding area. Enjoy the picturesque view of the  lofty Deodar and pine trees standing  tall and splendid , all welcoming you to come and rejoice in the endowments of mother nature.

      Tourists can be found basking amidst the scenery of the magnificient  Garhwal Himalayas and feeling the energy of fresh mountain air while camping in Dhanaulti.

      The resorts in Dhanaulti are equipped with all the amenties and facilities to make their visitors feel comfortable and special. The pleasant weather of Dhanaulti ensures a pleasant stay here throughout your trip.

      Places of Interest while Camping in Dhanaulti

      ECO-Park in Dhanaulti: A major attraction of Dhanaulti Camps, you will find  two Eco-parks, -“Amber” and “Dhara” around  200 m apart. Avail the adventure sports facility by taking a walk on the flying fox  and Burma bridges and also through horse riding. 

      Adventure Activities In Dhanaulti

      Take your time to take pleasure in a vaste  array of adventure camping activities in Dhanaulti. You will find several camp sites that offer adventure activities , adding a  whole new dimension to your plan of a  dream holiday. Come and fall in love with these incredible and exciting camping activities in Dhanaulti

      Moonlight Trails

      Experience the thrill of  night hiking with the help of a guide . Feel adventure at its peak as you explore the depths of pine woods and wilderness of the Himalayas.


      If you have enjoyed rock climbing, complement it further with rapelling – descending the rock. Exploit  this escapade to give your camping vacation a whole new twist. Rock climbing – the adventurer’s favourite , gets the excitement going as one proceeds to mount the rock and this excitement gets doubled as he climbs down the rock.


      A must-do as a part of every adventure, come to Dhanaulti to test your limits as you try hiking around 10k feet above sea level. Feel the mysterious magic of the jungle as you trek through it. In fact, your venture to any hill station is not complete if it does not include  trekking  and  Dhanaulti just completes it perfectly

      Rock Climbing

      With an expert to guide you and a rope, you are all set to go and climb the rock. So nail it this vacation with this highly energetic activity in Dhanulti.

      Mountain Biking

      Double your biking delight as you explore the charm and beauty of the captivating Himalayan Mountains. Realise the absolute joy of mountain biking via  tilts and jungle trails.


      Enjoy your golfing spree in the midst of the greenery around; a pleasure, you can hardly resist!

      Open Sky Bar

      Savour an  amusing session by means of an open sky bar while  getting  set for a barbeque.


      Master your dunking skills in basketball in a stunning and surreal background. Experience and enjoy the game thoroughly.


      Your ultimate contentment to adventure camping, feel  the drama at its peak,as you watch the luminous moon above and chitchat along with friends while enjoying the warmth of the bonfire.

      Snow Camping

      If luck favours you, snow camping may also add to the excitement  as a part of your adventure camping in Dhanaulti. This particular adventure activity however can possibly  happen  only during the last part  of December to end of February.


      Besides adventure camping in Dhanaulti, you can awaken your spirituality within you by visiting the Surkhanda Devi Temple and receiving its divine blessings . Take part in the vibrant  Ganga Dussehra fair in autumn organized with the richness of  cultural enthusiasm. Also do include fun-filled trekking as a part of your plans while in this exotic location, as you  extend your hike to two other holy temples – Chandrabadni and Kumnjapuri, which together represent the Devi Darshan Triangle. Hoards of  enthusiasm-filled  tourists grab this great, unique occasion to organize awe-inspiring adventure activities in Dhanaulti. Further, you could also  explore the remarkable potato farm, referred to by people as ‘Aaloo Khet’. This farm has several volunteers including boys and girls who guide the visitors and assist them to get the appropriate  resting places and with relaxing refreshments. They also keep the area hygienic and maintain tranquillity – which has made this farm a popular favourite among tourists.

      So this vacation, just visit Dhanaulti  to grab a unique and activity packed experience that promises the blessings of mother-nature and moments to remember forever.

      Camps in Dhanaulti, Camping in Dhanaulti - Camp Little Jaguar