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The best time you can think of going to Kanatal is actually anytime! The pleasant weather being an asset to Kanatal, it welcomes its visitors with the same all through the year. Most of the time here favours camping in Kanatal. Summer (March – June): During this time, the weather in Kanatal remains pleasant as maximum temperatures sore up to a maximum of 28 degrees Celsius. Summer nights here could however feel a bit chilly. So do add light woollens to your travel bag.Winter (October – February): The magic of Kanatal winters gives one an enchanting feel as the entire vicinity is enveloped in white snow, giving it the appearance of a winter-land ( that the legendary Alice-could dream of while she was in her wonderland!) The temperature during this time of the year plummets down to as low as 1 degree Celsius. So if this is the time of the year you have chosen foryour visit, cover yourself in the warmth of your heavier winter apparels.Monsoon (July – September): The light to heavy monsoon rain showers again invite you to witness Kanatal valley flourish and become alive. Though landslides could be a cause of concern, the monsoons then may not be your best pick when it comes to planning for your camping in Kanatal. Join our luxury camps in kanatal.


Camping in Kanatal means a whole lot of adventure activities, loads of scenic landscape and vivacious evening bonfires with music. This in turn gives you a 100 % truly wholesome and refreshing perception. Here is a suggested itinerary (covering a two-day trip) .

Day 0: Departure from Delhi It takes about eight to nine hours to reach Kanatal from Delhi. The best option is to venture out at night in your journey to Kanatal for camps in Kanatal. The time around 9 pm is a good time to leave, as you will not have to face the heavy traffic or compromise with your sleep.

Day 1: A day filled with adventure and bonfire You will have finally made your way to the camping site as you watch the golden hues of sunrise warmly welcome you to this place. Just hurl up your tent or opt for a tented space  which are to be found in plenty here.Sit back and relax with a hot cup of tea as you gaze at the cloud-pecked peaks facing you or take a brief solitary stroll while allowing yourself some ‘me-time’. After few hours of rest, get ready to face the adventure and thrill that is yet to delight you . The things to do in Kanatal are varied ranging from rappelling, valley crossing to rock climbing, and Burma bridge.Post these activities, indulge yourself to delight your taste buds with a scrumptious lunch followed by trekking to the  Surkanda Devi Temple, a place that takes you 2.5 km up the hill. Pass through the thickness of the dense forest, while creating fun and ease along your path with its lovely view.Dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Sati, this divine temple is one among the hypnotise of Kanat already to awaken your spiritual side during your visit here.After the adrenaline rush filling in your day, you can happily lounge in for a relaxing session of tea and snacks. Watch the red sunset unfurl its orange hues far beyond the horizons. And then the following darker sky will encourage you to sing and make merry by the bonfire, lightening your mind and soul.

Day 2: Water sports extravaganza – a must-witness near Tehri Dam before your departure for home Day 2 marks the end of your adventure camping in Kanatal. This is the time to bid farewell to the camp site after your morning breakfast. Before heading back to Delhi, you could stopover an hour or so near India’s tallest dam – the Tehri Dam. And if you can still snuggle in a little more thrill, there is more for you – the water sports. Get going with jet skiing, rafting, boating, and kayaking to add the last bit of buzz to your plan.

Expenses involved while camps in Kanatal (estimated)If a weekend of camping in Kanatal is what you have planned, i.e for 1 night and 2 days, your estimated budget could be around INR 4,000 to INR 5,000 per individual including the cost of accommodation and food, travel and the various activities.

So are you ready to get started and head towards the mountains for some exciting camping in Kanatal? Then wait no further and complete your pending share of fun and adventure by camping in Kanatal – a treat that you truly deserve !

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