Surkanda Devi Temple

February 17, 2020
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Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life and the daily conventional routine, we tend to look forward to a weekend or a vacation to refresh our minds and get a good break. So this time if you are planning on something to look forward to, how about something spiritual with a blend of adventure, for a change? A unique spot offering you a unique experience awaits you. So add a visit to Surkanda Devi Temple to your bucket list for this vacation. Read on to find our more about this unique destination.

More about Surkanda Devi Temple

Location :
Chamba-Mussoorie Road, Saklana Range, Uniyal Village , Dhanaulti

6.7 km from hill station -Dhanaulti (15 minutes)


Time needed to explore
1 hour

Distance to reach the temple
By foot : three km from Kaddukhal village

2757 m above sea level

Prime deity worshiped: Goddess Durga

Surkanda-Devi-Temple1Timings for visit:

Summers: between 05:00 am to 07.00 pm
Winters: between 07:00 am to 05.00 pm
Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant airport ( Dehradun)
Nearest Railway Station: Dehradun Railway station
Major festival: Ganga Dussera and Navratri.
Special feature: Surkanda Devi Temple represents one of the 51 Shakti Peeth.

Surrounding areas

The temple has been built amidst serene surroundings of the dense forests with the scenic view of the mighty Himalayan mountains in the north and the adorable views of the towns – Rishikesh and Dehradun in the south. For most part of the year, you will find this temple enveloped by the fog. The exact time of the establishment of this temple is not known. However, the temple is believed to be an ancient one.

  • Nearest City/Town- Pangar
  • Best season suitable for visit: All seasons
  • Photography: Not Allowed

The mythology

The mythology speaks about the sacrifice made by Goddess Sati of her life. Her father Daksheshwar had organized the yagna kund, while the entire universe was being churned by Lord Shankar through Sati’s dead body. It is said that the body of Sati was divided into 51 parts as Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan Chakra. The head of Sati happened to fall into this spot, by which the temple was named as Shri Surkanda Devi Temple. The places where the parts of Sati’s body fell have been named as Shakti Peeth.

Every year, Ganga Dussera- the famous Hindu festival is celebrated in this temple between the months of May and June. Navratri is also celebrated here as one of the special occasions.

How to reach Surkanda Devi Temple

The temple is 2 km uphill from the nearest town of Kaddukhal which is situated 40 km from Mussoorie while from Chamba, it is 24 km.

By Road: You can just hire a taxi or from Mussoorie you can opt for shared cabs. You will also find buses from Mussoorie to Chamba through Kaddukhal route, though their frequency may be less.

By Rail: You will find the Dehradun Railway station – the nearest railhead at a proximity of 67 km. A taxi can be booked from Dehradun to the temple directly via Mussoorie.

By Air: The nearest airport that you will find is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun which is situated at a distance of 100 km from the Surkanda Devi Temple.

Surkanda-Devi-TempleWhat the Surkanda Devi Temple is famous for

The architectural beauty of the temple attracts one and many to this spot and it is also its location that has added to its fame . Standing at an altitude of 2700 m, the temple presents an awesome view of the entire region surrounding it and the sight of the snow peaked Himalayas is simply breathtaking.

Trek to the temple

It is a rewarding experience as you trek to the temple and reach the peak. The view of the amazing snow clad Himalayan mountains is an absolute sight to behold! The atmosphere surrounding the temple is serene and you can get a quick darshan. It takes around two hours to reach the temple by foot. You can take a walk or a horse ride that will cost Rs. 400/- for a one –way ride, though worth the pay. And as you pass by, you will find small shops if you want to hault for some soft drinks or snacks. Do not miss this wonderful trekking experience to Surkanda Devi Temple when you are in Dhanauti, Kanatal or Mussoorie.

Attractions near Surkanda Devi Temple:

Some of the wonderful attractions that you can include as part of your temple visit plans include:

  • Maldevta, Picnic Spot, Dehradun – 19.39 km
  • Soham Heritage & Art Centre – 19.90 km
  • Robber’s Cave, Gucchu Paani – 21.99km

Thus, the temple visit also adds the opportunity to see around the other attractions to enjoy.

Best time to visit Surkanda Devi Temple

You can visit Surkanda Devi Temple any time during the year. The favourable weather in this spot throughout the year, makes it suitable for visitors to explore the spot anytime. However, in particular, summer is the best season to visit here when the major festival – the Ganga Dusshera Festival takes place and that you can witness during this time of the year.

Where to Stay in Surkanda Devi Temple?

There is no dearth of convenient accommodation options that you will easily find near Surkanda Devi Temple, to relax by and refresh yourself. There are a number of budget as well as luxury hotels, homestays and guest houses in the region of Kanatal, Mussoorie, Chamba, and Dehradun, offering the basic amenities and facilities to make your stay a pleasurable and worthwile experience.

So this vacation, fill your heart and soul with spiritualism and devotion and connect to the divine force by planning a trip and a visit to Surkanda Devi Temple. Enjoy the trek to the temple. Bond with nature as you surround yourself amidst the beautiful atmosphere around. Fetch the much needed “me time” for yourself as you contemplate in the temple premises or take your family along to gain a fulfilling divine journey.

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